Meet your new stylist

Virginia Gale

I became a hairstylist and makeup artist because I love giving people that boost of confidence! The feeling I get when someone walks out the door happier when they came in, with a big smile on their face is unlike anything else. That's why I created Resurge. I knew I was going to be a hairstylist for as long as I can even remember. In just forth grade I knew what school I was going to attend and that's exactly what I did. I love doing hair, but I also love to be able to meet new people, and build relationships with them as we work together throughout the years. In my career I'm consistently continuing my education. I am always sure to keep with the all the newest trends and techniques to be sure my clients receive the best possible service! I specialize in balayage and makeup, they are what I'm extremely passionate about, and I pay extreme close to detail. My style is all about enhancing natural beauty! I am a young mother of two children who I want to know growing up they are both so beautiful the way they are, and that's not just something I believe for my children, its something I truly believe for everyone. I pass this belief to my clients, this is why I specialize in more natural looks, like sun kissed hair, and light dewy airbrush makeup.


The vibe with me is extremely positive, I'm a glass half full kind of person. When you come to see me you can expect all these things, and we will always start with an exceptional consultation. This is so I can get to learn a little more about you and what your hair goals are, so moving forward we can be sure my recommendations are special, just for you!


If you want to hangout with me and start accomplishing some of our goals, gain confidence, and enhance your natural beauty head to our new guests page and fill out our appointment request form!