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Why does my stylist tell me to buy from her? Can't I just buy from my local drug store or Amazon

We are going to touch on diversion and why its important for you to be educated about it. Diversion, by definition is "an instance of turning something aside from its course. So what does this have to do with the beauty industry and why does that effect me as a client and consumer? When you walk into your local drug store, Walmart, or even amazon.com you see all these professional name brands that most o you probably recognize, or maybe even purchased, like Paul Mitchell for example. Okay so? Professional company's sell their products to stores like Cosmo Prof, and Salon Centric for example. The reason they do this is because these stores only allow professionals, who are properly licensed to go inside and shop at these stores, we then buy them, educate you properly on how to use the products, and then you buy from us. The motive isn't money, its the fact that these company's and your stylist want you to be educated, be given the proper products for you, and avoid diversion. These professional company's DO NOT SELL to drugs stores, amazon, or Walmart. Wheres the proof? This is why I used Paul Mitchell as an example, look at the back of your bottles. Here's the proof, "Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser, otherwise it may be counterfeit, black market, old or tampered with. NOT guaranteed when sold by a drug store, supermarket or other unauthorized source.' When you go to these unauthorized sources, and buy products, we as stylist cant guarantee the longevity of your color services or the condition of your hair because we do not know how that product got in your hands, or where it was beforehand. Is your "professional" hairspray sticky? Did your Redken Color Extend shampoo and conditioner seem to not be working? This is exactly why! Diversion! So your TIGI Bed Head, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree, or Redken Guts 10 are not Guaranteed! Shop with your local stylist for the best, highest quality products that are just right for your hair needs.

Today we talked about diversion, and professional products bought from your stylist vs the drugstore, but what about drugstore products themselves in comparison to professional products? Like Pantene or TRESemme for example. What makes one better then the other? We will talk about that in the next blog post!

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