• Virginia Gale

Your hair feels AMAZING after using drugstore brand shampoo, here's why.

In my last blog post we talked about diversion, and professional products bought from your stylist vs the drugstore, but what about drugstore products themselves in comparison to professional products? Like Pantene or TRESemme for example.  What makes one better then the other? Well for starters let me say that salon products are the better choice for your hair, and don't think I'm just saying this because I'm a cosmetologist. Here are the facts. Salon products are made by professionals. The people who know hair, work with hair. Would you go to a restaurant and eat food by someone who isn't a cook? Or go see a specialist for something other then what they specialize in? NO! One problem with products you find in your local drugstore or Amazon is they way they are formulated. Salon professionals have the integrity of your hair in mind, but that's not the case with these products. They have harsh chemicals and wax formulated into them. The wax coats your hair strands and makes your hair feel so silky and nice, so what's the problem?! Wax can build up and over time be damaging to your hair. The other issue is the wax coats the hair strand and makes it harder for good things to penetrate it like hair color or even water! You don't want dehydrated hair or patchy color! !Not only that but the harsh chemicals? Yeah, they strip your color. Why spend hundreds to get your hair done, to throw unprofessional products on top and ruin it? Honestly, I have found your expensive shampoo lasts longer, because you don't need as much of it to really suds up and cleanse your hair properly, so you probably going through bottles of the drug store stuff faster then you would if it was professional so although your paying more money up front, it probably saves you. Keep all these things in mind when your professional recommends products to you. I can guarantee your stylist probably isn't trying to make a quick buck off you, they care about the integrity of your hair and the longevity of the services they performed on you. Honestly, most salon professionals don't guarantee their services or offer free redo's in the event your not using what was recommend to you. If you didn't get to see my last blog post you can go back and check out why buying your professional hair care at the drug store isn't the same as with your local professional! 

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